una opinión/pregunta personal a personal opinion/question
personal e intransferible non-transferable
personal foul.
staff, personnel (trabajadores).
personal de a bordo cabin crew (en avión)
personal docente teaching staff
personal mínimo skeleton staff
personal en plantilla in-house staff
personal sanitario health workers
personal de tierra ground crew
* * *
1 personal
nombre masculino
1 (de una empresa) personnel, staff
2 familiar (gente) everyone, everybody
hoy está el personal un poco apagado everyone's a bit down today
nombre femenino
1 DEPORTE (falta) personal foul
personal docente teaching staff
* * *
1. adj.
2. noun m.
staff, personnel
* * *
ADJ personal
2. SM
1) (=plantilla) staff, personnel; ( esp Mil) force; (Náut) crew, complement

estar falto de personal — to be shorthanded o shortstaffed

personal de cabina — cabin staff o crew

personal de exterior — surface workers pl

personal de interior — underground workers pl

personal de servicios — maintenance staff

personal de tierra — (Aer) ground crew, ground staff

2) * (=gente) people

había mucho personal en el cine — there was a big crowd in the cinema

SF (Baloncesto) personal foul
* * *
adjetivo personal

objetos de uso personal — personal effects

a) (de fábrica, empresa) personnel (pl), staff (sing or pl)

estamos escasos de personal — we're short-staffed

b) (Esp fam & hum) (gente) people
* * *
adjetivo personal

objetos de uso personal — personal effects

a) (de fábrica, empresa) personnel (pl), staff (sing or pl)

estamos escasos de personal — we're short-staffed

b) (Esp fam & hum) (gente) people
* * *
1 = manpower, manpower force, personnel, staff, staffing, work-force [workforce], crew.

Ex: The question has been raised as to the manpower required to produce the ever-increasing number of abstracts.

Ex: This article focusses attention on formulating plans and policy for building up a manpower force for modernising library and information systems India within the next 5 years.
Ex: Application areas include: personnel records, mailing lists, accident and incident records, clinical and health records, committee minutes and records, and so on.
Ex: The current LC MARC data base contains both records created by the LC staff and those created by co-operating libraries and verified by the LC.
Ex: During the discussions it became apparent that the most pressing issues of staffing, resources, procedural complexities and educational opportunities related to IT.
Ex: Employers of library and information staff have to develop and maintain skills within the workforce.
Ex: Phillips has 12 installations with a crew of 15-450 men.
* actitud del personal = staff attitude.
* administración de personal = personnel administration.
* ahorro de personal = staff saving.
* apoyo del personal = staff support.
* asignar personal = commit + manpower.
* bien dotado de personal = well-staffed.
* costes de personal = staff costs.
* dedicación del personal = staff hours.
* desarrollo profesional del personal = staff development.
* dotación de personal = staffing.
* encargado de personal = personnel officer, welfare officer.
* evaluación del personal = personnel evaluation.
* exceso de personal administrativo = administrative bloat.
* falta de personal = undermanning.
* falto de personal = understaffed [under-staffed].
* formación continua del personal = staff development.
* formación del personal = staff training, professional development.
* formar personal = produce + personnel.
* funciones del personal = staff duties.
* gastos en personal = staff costs.
* gestión de personal = personnel management.
* jefe de personal = personnel officer, welfare officer, staff manager.
* jefe de personal de la biblioteca = library personnel officer.
* miembro del personal = staff member, staffer.
* movimiento de personal = staff turnover, turnover, labour turnover.
* número y distribución de personal = staffing conditions.
* personal administrativo = administrative staff.
* personal administrativo de apoyo = clerical staff, clerical worker, clerical personnel.
* personal auxiliar = clerical staff.
* personal bibliotecario = library personnel, library staff, library worker.
* personal civil = civilian staff.
* personal cualificado = qualified staff, qualified personnel.
* personal de ambulancia = ambulance crew.
* personal de apoyo = paraprofessional staff, support staff.
* personal de apoyo bibliotecario = library support staff.
* personal de cabina = cabin crew.
* personal de dirección = senior staff, senior management.
* personal de la biblioteca = library staff, library worker.
* personal del mostrador = counter staff.
* personal del mostrador de préstamo = counter staff.
* personal de mantenimiento = service worker.
* personal de proceso de datos = operation staff.
* personal de recepción = reception staff.
* personal de referencia = reference staff, reference personnel.
* personal de secretaría = secretarial staff.
* personal de seguridad = security staff.
* personal de servicios = service worker.
* personal de un centro multimedia escolar = school media staff.
* personal de vuelo = flight crew.
* personal equivalente a tiempo completo = full-time equivalent staff (FTE staff).
* personal joven = new blood.
* personal más nuevo = junior staff.
* personal militar = military personnel.
* personal necesario = staffing levels.
* personal paraprofesional = paraprofessional staff.
* personal profesional = professional staff.
* personal sanitario = clinical staff.
* personal técnico = technical staff.
* personal técnico de apoyo = support staff.
* política de personal = personnel policy, staff policy.
* puesta al día del personal = staff development.
* que necesita bastante dedicación de personal = labour-intensive [labour intensive], staff-intensive [staff intensive].
* razones del movimiento de personal = turnover behaviour.
* recorte de personal = downsizing, staffing cut.
* reducción de personal = staff cutbacks, downsizing.
* registro de personal = personnel record.
* renovación de personal = turnover, labour turnover.
* responsable del personal de la biblioteca = library personnel officer.
* reunión de personal = staff meeting.
* ritmo de movimiento de personal = turnover rate.
* sala de estar para el personal = coffee lounge.
* sala de personal = staff lounge.
* sección de personal = personnel department, personnel office.
* selección de personal = personnel recruitment.
* sólo para personal autorizado = restricted access.
* tareas del personal = staff duties.
* tasa de movimiento de personal = turnover rate, turnover rate.
* turnos del personal = staffing rota.
* vacante de personal = staff vacancy.

= one-to-one, personal, private, intimate, one-on-one.

Ex: A few large libraries contain an adult learning centre, which provides training courses for volunteer tutors, one-to-one tutoring or instruction in small groups.

Ex: Cards will remain useful for small local and personal indexes but other options, in the form of microcomputers and their software are beginning to compete in this application.
Ex: SWALCAP supports a network arrangement of remote terminals and minicomputers linked to the central computer via private lines.
Ex: Until we feel as librarians that we are an intimate part of society, we will never begin to believe that we really function.
Ex: The one-on-one training pattern predominates and is effective at this institution where education in the singular is stressed.
* actitud personal = personal attitude.
* a favor de la decisión personal sobre el aborto = pro-choice.
* alarma personal = rape alarm, personal alarm.
* anuncio personal = personal ad.
* aprovechamiento personal = personal gain.
* archivo personal = private archives, personal archive(s), personal records.
* armadura personal = body armour.
* artículo personal = personal item.
* asunto personal = personal issue.
* atención personal = personal attention.
* atención personal al cliente = personal selling.
* a título personal = in a personal capacity, in a private capacity.
* atracción personal = personal attraction.
* autoría personal = personal authorship.
* autor personal = personal author.
* autor personal único = single personal authorship.
* beneficio personal = personal gain.
* biblioteca personal = personal library.
* bienes personales = personal property.
* blindaje personal = body armour.
* característica personal = personality trait, personality characteristic.
* carta personal = personal letter.
* cheque personal = personal cheque.
* comentario personal = personal note.
* comentario personal de una lectura = reading-reportage.
* compromiso personal = personal engagement, personal investment.
* contacto personal = personal contact, public contact.
* contratación de personal cualificado de otras empresas = lateral hiring.
* convicción personal = personal conviction.
* cualidades personales = personal qualities.
* cuestión personal = personal issue, life issue.
* datos personales = personal details.
* dinero para gastos personales = pocket change, pocket money.
* documentos personales = personal papers.
* economía personal = personal finance.
* efectos personales = personal belongings.
* ego personal = personal ego.
* encabezamiento de nombre personal = personal name heading.
* enriquecimiento personal = personal enrichment.
* entrada de nombre personal = personal name entry.
* entrevista personal = personal interview.
* espacio personal = personal space, territorial space, personal space territory.
* estilo personal = persona [personae, -pl.].
* expediente personal = personal records.
* experiencia personal = personal experience.
* gestión de archivos personales = personal archives management, personal records management.
* gusto personal = personal taste, personal preference.
* hábito personal = personal habit.
* hacer uso personal = make + personal use.
* higiene personal = personal hygiene.
* historia personal = personal history.
* índice de rendimiento personal = individual performance index.
* información personal = personal information.
* interés personal = vested interest, personal interest.
* interpersonal = person-to-person.
* intimidad personal = personal privacy.
* invasión del espacio personal = invasion of space.
* libertad personal = personal freedom.
* logro personal = a feather in + Posesivo + cap, personal achievement.
* marca personal = personal record.
* miembro personal = personal member.
* nombre personal = personal name.
* norma personal = personal norm.
* opinión personal = personal opinion.
* ordenador personal (PC) = personal computer (PC).
* para uso personal = for personal use.
* perder un objeto personal = lose + property.
* personal investigador = research staff.
* PIN (número de identificación personal) = PIN (personal identification number).
* por razones personales = for personal reasons.
* preferencia personal = personal preference.
* problema personal = personal problem.
* razones personales = personal reasons.
* realización personal = personal fulfilment.
* récord personal = personal record.
* responsabilidad personal = personal responsibility.
* satisfacción personal = personal satisfaction.
* seguridad personal = personal safety.
* sello personal = fingerprint [finger-print].
* sicología personal = personal psychology.
* sistema de valores personales = personal value system.
* tecnología del ordenador personal = personal computer technology.
* tener un interés muy personal en = hold + a stake in, have + a stake in.
* territorio personal = personal space territory.
* toque personal = personal touch.
* triunfo personal = a feather in + Posesivo + cap.
* uso personal = personal use.
* vida personal = personal life.
* voluntad personal = personal will.

* * *
‹asunto/documento/pregunta› personal; ‹opinión/juicio› personal
objetos de uso personal personal effects
una alusión personal a personal remark
está basado en su experiencia personal it is based on (his own) personal experience
no tiene ningún interés personal en el asunto he has no personal interest in the matter
1 (de una fábrica, empresa) personnel (pl), staff (sing or pl)
estamos escasos de personal we're short-staffed
intentan aumentar la producción con el mismo personal they are trying to increase production with the same number of staff o with the same workforce
2 (Esp fam hum) (gente) people
¡cuánto personal hay en la calle! what a lot of people there are in the street!
saca unas copas para el personal get some glasses out for everyone o for people
personal de cabina
cabin staff o crew
personal de maestranza
(Arg) staff (of a building)
personal de tierra
ground crew o staff
personal de vuelo
flight crew
* * *


personal adjetivo
objetos de uso personal personal effects

■ sustantivo masculino (de fábrica, empresa) personnel (pl), staff (sing or pl);
estamos escasos de personal we're short-staffed
I adjetivo personal
una carta personal, a private letter
II sustantivo masculino (trabajadores) staff, personnel

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* * *
[privado, íntimo] personal;
una opinión/pregunta personal a personal opinion/question;
mi teléfono personal es… my home o private number is…;
para uso personal for personal use;
personal e intransferible non-transferable
1. [trabajadores] staff, personnel
personal administrativo administrative staff;
personal de cabina cabin staff o crew;
personal docente teaching staff;
personal de oficina office staff;
personal de planta staff;
personal de tierra ground staff o crew;
personal de ventas sales force o team
2. Esp Fam [gente] people;
el personal quería ir al cine the gang wanted to go to the cinema
[en baloncesto] personal foul
* * *
I adj personal
II m
1 personnel, staff;
personal docente teaching staff
2 en baloncesto personal foul
* * *
personal adj
: personal
personalmente adv
personal nm
: personnel, staff
* * *
personal1 adj personal / private
es un asunto personal it's a personal matter
personal2 n staff
todo el personal está en huelga all the staff are on strike

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